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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 11, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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sending him to the senate. >> sean: he did it multiple times. good point. >> outrageous. >> sean: like linda mcmahon, how do they support that? >> he apologized. >> please! he lied. he still lied. he says he misspoke. still. >> your can't say the american people are right when they vote for your and candidates and wrong when -- >> sean: i just think they made a mistake in connecticut. all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, does anyone know what is going on here in washington? well, don't answer that, but here is the back story. the huffington post seemed to have a big scoop last night reporting that the white house was ready to give in on extending the bush tax cuts. the source, none other than the white house advisor david axelrod. breaking news, right? not so fast. today the white house started to dial back on what axelrod said, saying no the president is not ready to cave in on the tax cuts. now what? karl rove joins us live and encouraging consequence is
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out if paperback with a chapter called obama the myth. good evening, karl. >> good morning, great -- i mean good evening, greta>> greta: whatever it is. one of those things at least. for sure. >> still recovering from the election. >> greta: yeah, well, it's been now eight or nine days, whatever that is. get ready. so tonight, what do you make of the white house? are they dialing back on these tax cuts or not? is this just maybe david axelrod making a mistake in what he said or what? >> this sort of fit in with what the president said the other day, we can't afford to let the tax cuts for the middle class expire. i thought david axelrod was speaking plainly. we got to deal with the conditions. they have 37 democrats who either signed a letter, 31 signed a letter. six have dissociated themselves with the letter saying we ought to extent tax
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cuts. 41 democrats said we should vote on this before leaving to go home for the campaign. i bet today, majority between the republicans and the democrats who support extension in the tax cuts there is a majority in the congress, at least in the house of representatives who extend all the tax cuts for some period of time. similarly in the senate, we have senators, conrad, nelson and bayh, all of whom said we need to extend the tax cuts. the president will be under intense pressure to extent the tax cuts. if he doesn't, what is going to happen in two or three weeks, the treasury department will have to send out new withholding tables that will have to be used on everybody's paycheck starting january 1. starting at the end of the first week of january, people will see what is withheld from their paycheck will go up dramatically. unless the tax cuts are kept in place. i can see the white house not wanting to sort of look like they got too forward on it.
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if you take the address and what axelrod said and they move in the same direction, which is to extend these temporarilies and say we want to extend tax cuts for everybody makes less than $250,000 permanently. and we'll extend the other tax cuts temporarily. >> greta: as i listen to the discussion. i'm appalled who is in the weeds. it's appalling that this is mid-november. we have known that the tax cuts were going to expire since the year 2001. what in the world of politicians for both sides of the aisle. they're big jerks as far as i'm concerned. they've now about it. people can't plan. individuals can't plan for businesses, whether they go up or down. now we play the game of who is voting which way. bottom line they failed us horribly in bringing us to
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the state. >> i agree for you on everything except one thing. it's not both parties. there are 255 democrats in the house of representatives and 178 republicans. 59 democrats in the senate and 41 republicans. a democrat white house. the democratic party had all year to move its answer in the legislation and didn't. this is unfortunately not the only example of being behind the eight-ball when it comes to finance of the country. the other thing overhanging the economy, as of today, we're five weeks in the fiscal year, six weeks in fiscal year and we do not yet have a budget. we have none of the 13 appropriations bills passed by congress, and sent to the president for the october 1 start of the fiscal year. not only that, this is the first time since 1974 that the house of representatives has failed to meet its statutory responsibility. under law since 1974, it's supposed to pass a budget
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resolution in the house, despite the big democrat majorities and the democrat in the white house has been unable or unwilling to take up a budget resolution to pass what is required by law. this is shameful. we know the tax cuts have been expired for a year. the democrats have had control of the leverage of power and they haven't moved a single piece of legislation to resolve it in way, shape or form and give certainty for what will happen next year. >> greta: with the 9.6% unemployment rate and i assume that speaker pelosi can call the house back and head of the party could call everybody back. they control the house and senate until january. they control the house. and instead we have speaker pelosi with all due res spected to her -- respect to her and i know she has heard this in her house by the democrats but throwing a party yesterday would have been better to stand up to demand everybody come back and go to work and forget the party. >> right. remember in september, majority of the house between
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democrats who went on the record to say we need to vote on this before we go home and the republicans saying i've got to vote on this in september, majority in the house of representatives said we have to vote on it. don't let us go home without resolving the issue. she let them go home without resolving the issue. i understand they didn't want to deal with the issue. they knew what would happen is democrats in the center of the democratic party, or the right of the democratic party, say let's not raise taxes when the economy is in a fragile condition. there is an interesting poll out conducted by a republican group and a democrat group. james carville democracy core joined together with ed gillespie resurgent republic to do a poll of 2010 voters, post election poll. in it, by margin of 51-40, independents supported extenting all the bush tax cuts, even though after being given the best arguments against doing so, against extending the tax cuts for those making $250,000 or more a year.
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the question was -- the wording was crafted by james carville. independents 51 extent them all. 40% don't extend them all. among all voters including democrats and republicans alike, 49-45. quarter of democrats said extent all the bush tax cuts. even after being given the best argument that carville could come up with, american people and people voting in the election are in favor of extending all the tax cuts. >> greta: what you said they "they don't want to deal with it." it's their job. they said they wanted the job. >> absolutely. >> greta: they're gaming us with the politics. they wanted the job. so these are tough decisions. whether taxes go up, down, stay the same, we have been left in a hanging out there trying to guess what they are going to do. i think that is what is appalling for every single one of them. trying to figure this out. >> we've got the worst of all possible worlds. we don't know what will happen. even if it's bad news we can
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prepare for it. what have they been doing all year? they haven't passed a single appropriations bill. they're 13 different appropriations bill, they flow through different committees. different committees are capable of taking them. why didn't they do it? they didn't pass a budget resolution. why didn't they do it? they knew the tax cuts would expire. it's what democrats insisted on in 2001 when tax cuts were passed. why haven't they taken action? you're right. appalling lack of leadership. midst of election year, pass obamacare in february and then hang around washington and do not much else in the way of the business that we elected them to do. whether you like what they do or not, they're obligated to pass a budget. we're six weeks in the budget year and the united states of america doesn't have the fiscal house in order as we operate under a continuing resolution. they haven't been able to pass the budget. they've got votes to do it. what the heck is holding them back? same with the tax cuts. they had votes to do whatever they wanted to do and they
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didn't do it. >> greta: 30 seconds left. curious in 30 seconds are you going to support michael steele for a second term or think he should step down as head of the rnc? >> i'm not a member of the republican national committee and i don't have a vote. my opinion doesn't matter. >> greta: that is a dodge! that is a dodge! >> what matters is the votes, the attitude of the people on the republican national committee. three per state. territories and they will decide in january. i think there will be a very robust open race for it as there should be. >> greta: all right. i'll come back at you again because we run out of time on that one. >> there we go. >> greta: lucked out on that one. karl, thank you. next, minnesota governor tim pawlenty goes "on the record." did you hear what he just did? it's good thing that obama is in south korea. they won't be happy with governor tim pawlenty. and he is next. what do you think dick morris
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would do about the tea party if he were speaker of the house? you can find out. dick morris is here and we'll ask him. plus, the most awkward thing we have ever seen. we debated whether to even show you this. but we're going to. it involves kenye west. stay right here. [ j. weissman ] it was 1975. my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomi have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae a amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the wor's energy demands.
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last 24 hours having to do with healthcare? >> happy veterans day to you, greta. thank you for having me on. >> greta: happy veterans day to you. >> yes, and to all of our men and women who serve. we appreciate them. in terms of the healthcare issue, we requested with the florida federal district court myself and governor from rhode island be allowed to enter the lawsuit to not just make the claim that the mandate is unconstitutional, which argues you can't regulate under the commerce clause inactivity, people not buying insurance, we are bringing a new argument and highlighting this argument, you can't have under the spending clause of the constitution such coercion that you are forcing the states to do it and also such a vague and poorly worded and open-ended piece of legislation that that violates the constitutional principles of the spending responsibilities of the united states congress clear and specific. give the states some reasonable options. this goes in the area of
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coercion. >> greta: you wanted to join this april and the state attorney general said they didn't see it appropriate. authorize the federal government to do this. >> the federal court said they won't entertain friends of the court brief until after party filed motions in the case. that recently happened. window to file the briefs or at least attempt to is now open. that accounts for the delay. >> greta: why not, though, be in with both feet instead of friends of the court. are you in there to be in there with the 20 states now that are in it in the ebeginning? why not be in both feet with the other states? >> attorney general is the only one to defend lawsuit.
10:15 pm
other states could do it differently. >> greta: have you had conversation with the attorney general to be a friend of the court? >> i have not. we asked her assistance and she said she wasn't going to do it. she is on the other side of the case. she said if you want to do it go ahead in your individual capacity. i feel strongly about this. if we allow the federal government to do this, this is the end of understanding that we had throughout the history of the country in federalism. that's why we are pushing back so hard. >> greta: have you heard from the other governors, anybody else among 20 that are in it, not counting virginia, missouri, which have different cases? >> well, we're all working together on this trying to do what we can. next week we will be in california with the republican governors association. sure there will be talk there. the republican governor support the idea of fighting back against obama care. we're fighting as hard as we
10:16 pm
can in minnesota. not just this lawsuit. but other ways as well. >> greta: funny, fighting as hard as you can, you are running out of time. got nil january 3>> this will be decided the summary motion will be decided in the next six months so the work we're doing now could very well bear fruit. even after i'm out of office. but it's an important statement to make. >> greta: which raises two question. after january 3 what happens to the case? right now you have a governors race in minnesota that has not been called. and so it's interesting, because january 3 could come and while you expect to be not the governor on january 4, you could still be holding the job as governor until that resolves. is that right? that race? >> yeah. under the minnesota constitution if the recount continues and i hope it doesn't. i think people want the new governor take the seat at the right time, normal time. but in the case it doesn't,
10:17 pm
it drags on under the constitution, i'm required and obligated to continue to serve and i'll fulfill the duties after january 3. i hope it doesn't happen but it couldn't happen. >> greta: we have been watching minnesota with great interest in recent years in terms of how you attempt to recap ballots and the challenge. it took forever to seat your last edition as the united states theory. in theory, you could be governor next summer. >> i hope not. that is not in anybody's best interest. we had an election and the person should take the seat. election integrity is important. if something untoward is discovered in the recount process we have to get to the bottom of it. most important. i hope it can get involved before january 3. not in anyone's best interest for hold-over politicians. >> greta: you have 2.1 million vote cast in minnesota at election time. the two wannabe to succeed
10:18 pm
you as governor separated by less than one half a percentage point and your state has history of taking forever to seat united nations senator. you could be governor a lot longer than you anticipated. as much as people want to esee people elected and move on, this could be interesting political drama that is unravelling in your state. >> it could. it's premised on the notion that they uncover something that needs further litigation or investigation. also, by the way, the minnesota legislature for the first time since party designation in our legislature, when the both houses were republican so it's a new day. historically been a blue state. >> greta: it could be confusing if one hypothetically on january 4 expects not be the governor but running for president of the united states. suddenly finds himself or herself still holding on to having some responsibilities back home. makes it sort of difficult,
10:19 pm
does it not, sir? >> i've been doing it eight years and i don't want to say the job is easy, but we have a handle on it. if that comes to pass, we could fulfill the duties. intrigued by the tease before the break and showing awkward video of kenye west. do tell. what does it show? >> greta: how great the teases are! the governor is sticking around for the rest of the show. not showing it until the rest of the show. sit in green room and watch it. thank you, sir. we'll look forward to seeing what happens in vote count as well as what goes on in florida in the healthcare lawsuits. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. as randy moss would say, that's it, homey. >> greta: he is gone. out of minnesota! >> all right. see you. >> greta: next. news from capitol hill. speaker nancy pelosi facing a democratic mutiny? stay tuned. and this is so, so wrong. when you hear this report,
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you will scream president obama must stop this from happening. that report is minutes away. plus, get ready to leave the room, because this is so awkward, you will have a hard time watching it. video of kenye west and even governor tim pawlenty wants to stick around to see. stay here so you can see it. not that long ago, many families werericed out of an overheated housing market. but thtimes have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and.
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>> greta: it's no secret, speaker pelosi is having a rough couple of weeks. we know what happened on election day and now more say they won't support her to be the minority leader in the congress. a.p. reports that some democrats will snub her for roll call when the congress convenes. is this democratic civil war? joe trippi joins us live. good evening.
10:24 pm
is there any chance that nancy pelosi won't win the race to be minority leader? >> right now no one is running against her so tough to see how she doesn't win the race for minority leader if she seeks it and by all counts she will. . >> greta: what is the snubbing her, the statement? if some is unwilling to vote for her and think she is wrong, they won't step up to the plate and bother to challenge her. >> i think there will be. several members said they won't vote for her, but unless they come up with a candidate to, you know, stand against her, it won't succeed. there isn't a candidate willing to step up. i don't see that happening. one thing that is happening is because of her success. she was probably the and is going to be one of the most successful speakers in history.
10:25 pm
her congresses were among the most productive. it's the success that help create 65 or so democratic members losing their seat. angst about her returning. again, you have to give her credit. she got a lot of things done that caused this moment. >> greta: if you look at it that way, her success is carrying out president's agenda. take healthcare for in the house. success to feel get something accomplished but in the end if she loses power to enext wait, republicans can trip away, it's unusual -- it's hard to sort of say it's totally successful. >> everything you need to know is before the election they had cards on their heads
10:26 pm
"fire pelosi" and now they are saying, "hire pelosi." they want to keep the majority leader and pelosi up there reminding voters of the things they didn't like, that were accomplished. on the other hand if things turn economically and people start to feel that healthcare is working, if she will have a legacy that may go beyond the vote, whether she returns as the minority leader or not. >> greta: if the president has seen the writing on the wall and if you look at what is going on at the town hall meetings in the summer of 2009, you can see the american people were unhappy with the more radical version of the healthcare. tempered a bit and made it more moderate. she carried the water and got that past which would have been profoundly easier than the radical, you might see a majority in house of representatives that she might have the power. curious, do you think she in some ways is not happy with the president? >> i think that the president
10:27 pm
and pelosi were working under what they believe is best for the country. there is no other explanation for it. the polls were saying the healthcare, american people were against it at the time. the republicans were beating up on it. in a way that made it clear what it's about and where the polls were. there cools time where you say -- i think she said i'll do what is right and pay a price. a lot of members of congress paid the price for it. so then the angst, we paid a price, maybe you should too. i don't want to call it mutiny. >> greta: but let me say this. you say that she says i'll do what is right. on the other hand what she said is essentially she didn't know what is in the healthcare bill, and wouldn't know it until it's passed.
10:28 pm
hard to say she is doing what is right if we don't know what is in it. a little -- i'm uncomfortable with that concept when the bill is unread. >> i'm talking about what i believe her motivation was and why she continued pressing for it and why the obama administration pressed forward. i'm saying in doing that, you pay a price. if you do what is right and unpopular with the people, there is a price. 64, 65 members of congress out. six united states senators not returning. or losing those seats. there is a price to pay. you know we would not like to return. unless they put somebody up, she will be the minority leader and have legacy beyond this. >> greta: thank you. nice to see you.
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♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ everyone! ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time. fedex. >> greta: you just heard about problems in the democratic party but republicans have divisions to deal with. how much power will the tea party congress have in new congress? dick morris joins us live, author of "the 2010, take back america, battle plan." good evening, dick. if you were speaker of the house boehner and about to take over the house and you've got the tea party caucus growing in influence what will you do to bring them inside the tent and keep them con step and not fighting you? >> i move the tent to where they are the tea party represents the core of the republican party in the united states. when you have a republican primary in every instance,
10:33 pm
where a tea party candidate challenged a party establishment candidate, the tea party candidate won the primary. sometimes losing the general election but also winning the primary. the message is the voters that are the republicans, the rank and file of the party distrust the establishment of the party. after all, in 2006, when the republicans lost power of the 200 congressman up for re-election. 10 were up for indictment or resigned. i think it's really important that the leadership of the house showed that it learned something and reformed and changed. i think he better do that, because if boehner doesn't do that they won't lose to democrats in 2012, they lose to the republican primary.
10:34 pm
>> greta: that is hard to do. even if you look at the leadership they're about to vote on, the single tea party caucus member who wanted to move in the leadership position, was congressman michele bachmann from minnesota. hard to think they'll move everybody over to be tea party. >> her opponent, jeb hensarling is one of the most conservative leader of congress. if he's in charge, number four in leadership, most of the congressmen are happy about that. michelle may not be but the rest are. the important thing is the chairmanship. jerry lewis from -- not from dean martin, but jerry lewis, the congressman in charge of appropriations committee. he is term limited out because he served three terms but he wants to wave term
10:35 pm
limits and stay in there. he is mr. earmark. he never met an earmark he didn't like. republicans committed to eliminate earmarks. they have to push the guys like that aside. for most part, boehner is doing a good job of staffing this place with conservatives. the big move was he put paul ryan in charge of the budget committee. probably the smartest republican and the smartest conservative on capitol hill. he's doing okay. the real fight is going to come with the republicans have to hold the line against bail-out to the state or tax increase. you'll find uniformity there. i don't think anyone will dare stray from that position. >> greta: talk about earmarks. so far they're not throwing earmarks out. we don't know yet. the rules have yet to be adopted. i think the new chairman of
10:36 pm
the appropriation committee will oppose the e-mail. they've called for elimination of earmarks and i they're marks are going down. i don't think you will have them in the session of congress from the republican. >> greta: 30 seconds left. what happens with the tax bill? >> i think obama will cave on that. i noticed today obama said we can't afford $700 billion of tax cuts for the rich. that shows he will cave. because $700 billion is a ten-year figure. nobody is talking about ten years. we're talking about two years. my hunch is he will say for okay for two years. this thing he is trying to sell now, some say the wealthy in two years but everybody else will be permanent. he knows that is not going to fly. i think he will cave in. >> greta: dick, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: next, president obama needs to hurry home from overseas and put an end
10:37 pm
to this one. what are we talking about? here is a tease. involves ritz carlton hotel and you. wait until you hear this one. brutally awkward moment starring kenye west. governor tim pawlenty's favorite. makes you want to hide your eyes. we probably shouldn't show you this. but we can't stop ourselves. you'll see it. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continu ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote.
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10:41 pm
returning home with serious injuries. checking the markets in asia, nikkei is down at 971. hang sang is down. for more business news, tune in fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. back to "on the record." ♪ ♪ >> greta: well, the next report should unglue you. later this month, panel will meet to discuss ways to prevent fraud, waste and abuse. stimulus funds. sounds like a good idea, right? it does. phenomenal you hear more. joining us live from new york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner." this one should unglue everybody. tell the american people about this one. >> well, it's a panel that was created by the stimulus act. it's called recovery independent advisory panel.
10:42 pm
as you said, the job is find and prevent waste, fraud and abuse of $814 billion in the stimulus spending. they are going to have the second meeting on november 22. the story is where they'll have it, which is the ritz carlton hotel in phoenix, arizona. ritz carlton is synonymous with high-end, luxurious accommodations. that's where the group that is monitoring the wasteful spending of stimulus money will meet. >> greta: they will probably get, "government rates" saying there. >> right. >> greta: but do they need to travel all the way to arizona to do this, number one? the idea like the ritz. you don't think how do we best use american taxpayer money? >> the message that the board wants to send and the larger group called the recovery accountability and transparency board, the so-called "rat" board, the message they want to send is they're carefully tending the
10:43 pm
nation's tax dollars. they are watching every dollar that is spent. vice president biden has been pushing this for months. accountability transparency, being careful with government funds. the idea of spending them at the ritz carlton sends a bad message. they did an earlier meeting at a hyatt in massachusetts. >> greta: couldn't they do it here? >> they could do it in washington, but you could make the argument they want to go to country various places and hear what people's concerns are. part of this meeting is public. members of the public can go to the meeting. part is private. not a question whether they should go out in the field and listen to people. question the message you spend. >> greta: how long are they going to be is there? how much -- >> we don't know their plans. >> greta: are they bringing spouses? >> there are five members of the board. they are paid and successful in their other life.
10:44 pm
one of them was a special fundraiser for the obama campaign, 2008. funded $200,000 for the obama campaign. we don't know what the plans will be. here again is the message where they are having it. >> greta: 9.6% unemployment rate and idea was stimulus would get us off that number. but the idea that who is tone deaf? to me, in my wildest dreams, i can't imagine anyone picking the ritz to talk about waste and fraud in terms of when you talk about the taxpayer money. americans are really, really hurting. >> it would be funny if it weren't true. we see the signs all over the place. the project brought to you by the american recovery act. and all of that kind of stuff. when you get reports like this out, it tends to undermine that message for all the people and arizona
10:45 pm
has a lot of foreclosures itself has been hard hit. it's -- the ritz is a mixed message. >> greta: viewers, write your congressman and the white house about this one. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: as you know, today is veterans day. "on the record" salutes all of our veterans on the special day. our own jennifer griffin has report about specific veterans who need to be remembered in particular. >> when she joined the army after high school, private sean nichols never expected to end up on the streets homeless. that wasn't the be all that you can be that private nichols signed up for. >> didn't hit rock bottom until this past march 2010. >> veteran of operation desert storm trained to detect biological chemical weapons living on the street suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, result of sexual trauma at the hands of a superior officer years before. now she has a bed at mcvet, a v.a. funded homeless shelter
10:46 pm
in baltimore that's structured like the military itself, by platoon. >> i was diagnosed with ptsd. and i wasn't ready for the trauma unit in v.a. hospital in baltimore. my homelessness was a direct result of my substance abuse. i lost everything. i had jobs but couldn't keep them. my life was unmanageable because of it. >> of the 250 home veterans at mcvet, 11 are women. while nichols served in the first iraq war, one of the rising number of the female homeless veteran from the current wars. of the 4,000 homeless vet from iraq and afghanistan, 10% are women. private nichols heard of ptsd and didn't think it applied to her like 95% of those end up at mcvet, she was
10:47 pm
self-medicating and abusing drugs and alcohol. >> it's hard to live. i was depressed. anxiety was out of control. i was like on a roller coaster of emotions. >> but the federally funded mcvet gave her a second chance. she works at a security guard to earn money and takes classes with the other homeless vet, including self-defense after fighting for her country, she's now fighting to get her life back. in baltimore, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> greta: thank you to jennifer for report and happy veterans day to every american who served. best of the rest. or the most awkward of the rest. kanye west will make you cringe in pain next. ♪ proud to stand on our own
10:48 pm
♪ proud to be homegrown ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there ♪
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10:51 pm
>> greta: the top story but the best of the rest. rapper kayne west wins the award for most awkward interview in history. happened on the today show and kanye said he regretted calling president bush racist. >> i empathize with the idea of being pegged as a racist. >> play the tape. don't listen. look at his face when he's commenting about you.
10:52 pm
look at him. this is the most emotional he got. with a would you say if he would meet you face-to-face? i'm not sure he would, but if he would. >> i didn't need you to show me the tape to prompt my emotions on what i'd say. >> this is a reality. this is real thing going on? you know what i'm saying? i don't need all the jazz. can we be quiet for a second? i would tell george bush in my moment of frustration that
10:53 pm
i didn't have the grounds to call him a racist. >> greta: later it got more cringe worthy. >> they say this wasn't a guy expressing the musical preference. this guy was making a statement about race, that beyonce was better than taylor swift. you got accused of racism. >> exactly. >> how am i supposed to talk if you run this while i'm talking. >> it's under -- >> i hear it while i'm trying to talk. >> take it down over the overhead. you said it wasn't a race thing. >> please don't let that happen again.
10:54 pm
>> afterwards he tweeted -- >> greta: that is a lot of angst for 140 characters. speaking of president bush, get ready for special interview, tomorrow night. you are spending an hour with the president. we do things differently. you will text us and get behind-the-scenes look at the artifacts going in the george w. bush presidential center. the president gives you the inside story on the administration. including a big disclosure about vice president dick cheney. >> your relationship with vice president cheney, many people thought he was in the beginning that he was the guy who was the darth vader of the guy making the call. you read in your book, there were times when even you disagreed with him and scooter libby. >> other way to describe it is there were times he
10:55 pm
disagreed with me. he was the advisor. his job was to advise. he was in a unique position, however, because if something were to happen to me, he'd become president. he agreed with me sometimes. he didn't agree with me sometimes. the thing i admire about dick cheney, he gave me the opinion. when i made up my mind, he saluted smartly as did most people in my administration. this notion about him running the white house was running joke inside the west wing. he knew it wasn't the case. people who work with me it wasn't the case. there was a moment in the book dick cheney came to see me and offered to leave the ticket. it was incredibly gracious gesture on his part. it speaks to his character as far as i am concerned. i consider it, of course.
10:56 pm
>> greta: don't miss president bush at 10:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. that's best of the rest. still ahead, when speaker pelosi planned a going away party, she did not count on this. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] will women switch to new caltrate soft chews because they have 20% more calcium per chew than viactiv or for the delicious flavors like chocolate truffle and vanilla creme? mmm. -mmm. -mmm. [ female announcer ] hard to say really. new caltrate soft chews, we put the yum in calcium. [ man ] i thought o family business would always be boots. until one day, my daughter showed me a designer handbag. and like that, we had a new side to our business. [ male announcer ] when businesses see an opportunity, the hartford is there. protecting their employees and property and helping them prepare for the future. nice boots. nice bag. [ male announcer ] see how the hartford helps businesses at but we've parted wa with our old airline credit card that promid flights for 25,000 miles.
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